Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks
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Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks
Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks
Products made with special care!

       Kurzeme Butcher (Kurzemes Gaļsaimnieks) – always delicious high-quality products at affordable prices!
     During the manufacturing of meat products, we use only the top-quality raw materials; work with the equipment recognized as one of the best in the world and pay a lot of attention to the quality control thus ensuring constant high quality.
     Our biggest and the most important aims are: improvement of the manufacturing process on a regular basis; expansion of the assortment; elaboration of special recipes and creation of new employment.
     Highly qualified staff will create the great products for you both for everyday and festive table!
Kurzeme Butcher (Kurzemes Gaļsaimnieks) – The taste of a good life!


Made for your grill!
Boiled sausage products
Scalded sausages/Frankfurters
Products for kids
Sausages for cooking
Semi-dry sausage products
Smoked meat products
Cold smoked meat production
Cookery products
Fresh pork meat
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